Hear From Dr. Joel Darrah

"They helped us have our best month ever last month with 100 new patients walking through the door. We consider them an integral part of our practice." - Dr. Joel Darrah

Comprehensive Dental marketing strategy

3 years ago, Dr. Darrah signed on with Wonderist Agency and developed a well rounded dental marketing strategy that skyrocketed his practice to be a million dollar practice within 2 years.

Results That Speak For Themselves

With our marketing efforts here at Wonderist Agency, Dr. Darrah averages 77 new patients a month and hit the million dollar mark in year two. We've been with him since before his doors opened and assisted in his astronomical practice growth. With patients and production growing continuously, Wonderist Agency is proud to be a partner to Dr. Darrah's success.

By setting up a custom dental marketing plan with Wonderist Agency, Buckwalter Dental Care was able to build their reputation throughout the community and establish a modern outlook on dental care with their technology, unique expertise, and 5-star customer service.



New Patients Per Month


New Patient Calls Per Month


Keywords in Top 10 Ranking Spots


Conversion Rate

Local SEO Strategy 

Through a Growth SEO package with Wonderist Agency, Buckwalter Dental Care has received over 13,000 clicks in a 3 year span and 1,300 goal completions. A goal completion is measured as a phone call to the practice, so your front office can schedule the patient for an appointment.

By building a website that is well optimized, their target audience (potential patients), are more likely to find the dental services they're looking for in search engines, such as Google.

PPC Partnership

By having a Growth PPC package with Wonderist Agency, Buckwalter Dental Care has received over 6,500 sessions in a 3 year span, with over 850 goal completions . A PPC goal completion is a conversion that measures how many users clicked on their paid ad.

Dr. Darrah's website was a success from the start, receiving 500+ visits in his first month. That website traffic has consistently grown 200% year over year since its launch.

The Power of Personalized Content

When attempting to sell your services and business to potential patients, it's important to communicate who you are. People need to see authenticity behind your brand and that you're a real person.

By using original photography of Dr. Darrah, his team, and his new practice, we were able to create a beautiful, personalized, custom direct mailer designed to grab people's attention. We were also able to market that collateral strategically throughout Bluffton to make the dollars spent work harder. We are able to design any and all collateral for your dental marketing strategy.

Social Showcase

Buckwalter Dental Care has received over 9,000 clicks on their social ads. Social media users often treat platforms, such as Facebook, like a search engine. It's a place where your community is already hanging out, and Wonderist's Social team can help you take advantages of that.

Social media marketing
drives traffic to Dr. Darrah's website, helps him reach new patients, and builds lasting relationships with an audience that will continually benefit from his business.

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