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Marketing Account Manager

The Marketing Account Manager is the main point of contact for our clients, acting as a liaison, project manager, and marketing strategist. You must demonstrate a strong ability to multitask by building long-term client relationships, moving projects forward in a timely manner, and monitoring campaign performance, all while challenging both our internal team and clients to be better, faster, and stronger.

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What to Expect

At Wonderist Agency, we guarantee you’ll have problems to solve. You’ll be dragged into projects in the 11th hour. And you’ll be expected to create and contribute to our ever-evolving processes. The work isn’t easy. It’s dental. And there’s plenty to go around.

We need a skilled Marketing Account Manager with the flexibility to turn on your heels when priorities change, the thoughtfulness to do what’s in the best interest of the team, and the desire to always produce your best work. We do what’s right for the client, not just what’s easy. And that’s what makes our jobs gratifying. Along with unlimited PTO and a dog-friendly office, these are some of the reasons Wonderist Agency has been voted one of San Diego's Best Places to Work.

We are a fast-growing startup of over 30, and that means we’re agile. We’re able to try new things and experiment. It also means we make time to celebrate the work, each other when we hit our quarterly goals, or every Friday at 5 pm. Our favorite dive bar, Desi’s, is just down the street and right across from Liberty Station, so we’ve got our location going for us.

Basically, we need someone who’s willing to work really hard and doesn’t get discouraged when a client or project is going off the rails. So if you’ve got a lot of grit and an equal amount of gumption, keep reading...

Job Description:

Driving client happiness and helping them meet their business goals are at the heart of the Marketing Account Manager role, facilitating a client’s needs in the digital and traditional marketing space. You will take ownership of client accounts from onboarding through ongoing client retention. Because account management touches every service we offer, being an agile, team player is critical.

Essential Functions

  • Client Communication: You will be your clients’ primary point of contact, functioning as a liaison between them and our team. You’ll lead reporting and project status calls with clients. You will be responsible for maintaining the most up-to-date information about our clients within a CRM, notifying other departments of any changes to their account or business.
  • Customer Service and Client Retention: You will field any client questions or requests, troubleshooting issues to the best of your knowledge and/or escalating them to the appropriate team members when necessary. Your goal is to ensure long-term satisfaction and development of client relationships. 
  • Project Management: You will move projects forward, both internally with our team and externally with our clients, trafficking deliverables and feedback. You will manage project and service launch schedules, communicating timelines and expectations, prioritizing tasks, and ensuring deadlines are met.
  • Campaign Reporting: You will be responsible for monthly reporting emails and phone calls, translating marketing metrics and performance KPIs for clients to understand the health of their campaigns. You must be comfortable with our business intelligence dashboards to measure the status and success of SEO, PPC, social media, call tracking, and other campaigns.
  • Quality Assurance and Creative Direction: You ensure that all our work is branded appropriately for each client, accurate, and high-quality. From guiding feedback on print collateral to reviewing websites or ad copy, you will always strive for an aesthetic that is fresh and effective.
  • Marketing Strategy: You will identify opportunities and goals for clients and match those opportunities with the best strategies to meet their needs. In addition to coming up with your own marketing ideas, and working with local sales reps on feasibility and execution, you should feel confident presenting recommendations to our clients.

Core Competencies

  • Intuitive Communication: You will be a client’s primary point of contact and responsible for relaying updates to our team; you must be personable, professional, and responsive. There is an intuition needed in this role to differentiate between moments when an email will suffice and when you need to pick up the phone.
  • Obsessive Attention to Detail: Account Managers guide feedback and traffic projects between clients and team members. You will share accountability for the accuracy and quality of our company’s work. Attention to detail is crucial, so please include the title of your favorite movie or book at the beginning of your email or application.
  • Expert Organization and Project Management: If someone asks you to describe yourself and you wouldn't say "organized," you need not apply. Account Managers must be organized and on top of all client needs, acting as a project manager to oversee deadlines and facilitate deliverables. You will need an exceptionally strong ability to multitask and prioritize accordingly, keeping track of outstanding assets and tasks.
  • Keen Analytical Skills: We measure everything we do by its ROI. You will need a deep understanding of marketing metrics and KPIs, along with the ability to dissect and solve problems through data. Along with specialists on the team, you will supervise clients’ campaign performance and you are able to determine when it’s time to pivot away from efforts that aren’t fruitful vs. when to double down on a campaign with killer ROI.
  • “Big Picture” Thinking and Knowledge of Digital Marketing: Clients will ask questions about their digital marketing (particularly SEO, PPC, and social media) and website content, and every service we offer ties into the next. We need someone who can see the connections and make good choices for both the client and the agency as a whole.
  • Understanding of Local Marketing and Advertising: Offline and traditional advertising strategies still play a part in our client’s marketing plans. You will be responsible for facilitating the placement of print, radio, or television advertising; event marketing; and local business partnerships, backed by an understanding of demographic data that varies from market to market.
  • Resourceful and Confident Self-Starter: Once you learn the ropes, we’ll expect you to own your accounts to keep projects moving forward. You will need to take the initiative to make decisions and recommendations, and to follow up with clients to progress projects and maintain successful relationships. You will solve problems every single day, so we need someone with a solutions-oriented mind.
  • Takes Pride In Work: We need someone who takes any project, big or small, and puts everything they have into it. Mistakes are okay. Sloppiness is not.

Personality Musts:

Our perfect fit is someone who is a problem solver who understands the difference between “yes, and…” and “yes, but…”. You should be a hungry, scrappy personality with a positive attitude and aims to deliver. Working in the client service industry can mean going the extra mile, and we need someone who is always willing to rise to the occasion for our clients and strives to put forward beautiful work that exceeds client expectations. Someone who is detailed and organized, driven and displays vigor and comes ready to play every day. Confidence, self-discipline, and a congenial, curious mind are things we love and admire.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • 2+ years of marketing or agency experience
  • A passion for helping clients and small businesses succeed

Bonus Points for Applicants With…

(if you don’t have these but are organized and want to learn, we want to hear from you!)

  • Account management experience in agency setting
  • Digital marketing experience (including but not limited to: Google Analytics, Google Ads, SEO, Social Media Content and Ads Management, experience with website CMS such as WordPress or Webflow)
  • Project management experience
  • Knowledge of dental industry or dental services
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