At Wonderist Agency, we guarantee you’ll have problems to solve. You’ll be dragged into projects in the 11th hour. And you’ll be expected to create and contribute to our ever-evolving processes. The work isn’t easy. It’s dental. And there’s plenty to go around. We need an intelligent, creative Head of Design with the flexibility to turn on your heels when priorities change, the thoughtfulness to do what’s in the best interest of the team, and the desire to always produce your best work. We do what’s right for the client, not just what’s easy. And that’s what makes our jobs gratifying. We are a fast-growing startup of over 40, and that means we’re agile. We’re able to try new things and experiment. It also means we make time to celebrate the work, each other, and when we hit our quarterly goals, or every Friday at 5pm. Our favorite dive bar, Desi’s, is just down the street and right across from Liberty Station, so we’ve got our location going for us. Basically, we need someone who’s willing to work really hard and doesn’t get discouraged when a project is going off the rails. So if you’ve got a lot of grit and an equal amount of gumption, keep reading…

JOB DESCRIPTION: We need an intelligent, creative graphic designer to lead our agile design team. You’ll be responsible for managing the design department’s workload, quarter goals, and other designers, while maintaining your own workload of branding, web and marketing design projects.


  • Managing Wonderist’s Design Team: Department Heads are the gatekeepers here; they divvy up workloads for their team, review and critique designs, and guide designers through understanding the company as a whole. As a leader at Wonderist, you are expected to be an agile but thoughtful decision-maker, protect your team’s time and talent, and cheer for your designers’ successes.
  • Branding: You’ll start by interviewing branding clients to figure out their aesthetic and practice preferences. Then it’s time to hit the digital drawing board and create and revise logos until the team and client settle on the final product.
  • Web Design: Our web team designs and builds sites in Webflow, but they turn to the design team to help elevate the quality. While our web process changes as Wonderist grows, the design department currently leads the charge on wireframing and creating style guides for our more custom websites. We also art direct and create custom elements for websites like illustrations and iconography.
  • Assisting on secondary design projects: The design department is celebrated for our flexibility, and that stems from the Head of Design jumping in to assist on other projects when needed. These include brochures, office stationery, advertisements, and the occasional marketing design project for our favorite client- Wonderist!


  • Seasoned and Stand-out Graphic Designer: We expect you to know the ins and outs of good design: industry best practices, typography, color theory, composition, software skills… you get the gist (hopefully). Your portfolio should show depth, wisdom, and experience in an agency or similar setting.
  • Creative Problem Solver: Designing the tenth tooth-based logo of your career can get stale. We need someone who can shake off the temptation to coast and turn their creative light on, especially when other designers look to you for inspiration and direction.  
  • Storyteller: We are looking for someone with a creative eye that loves celebrating small businesses by telling their unique stories through handcrafted designs. Being able to translate a client's brand into stand out work is essential.
  • Advocate and Leader: A mighty team of designers will look to you for expert advice, navigating client feedback, brainstorm sessions, and help when things go south. This sometimes means dropping everything to be a life raft, and then cleaning things back up to the way they were.
  • Curious Learner and Teacher: The design team here loves to learn! Whether it’s attending web design workshops or reading blogs on color accessibility, we always work to broaden our creative knowledge and will expect you to do the same.
  • Excellent Communicator: Designers at Wonderist need to elaborate on their work for clients; many dentists hear jibberish when you toss around terms like “sans serif” and “hex codes.” We need someone who can walk clients through creative processes gently but with expert guidance, and pass these talents onto your team.
  • Takes Pride In Their Work: We need someone who takes any project, big or small, and puts everything they have into it. Mistakes are okay. Sloppiness is not.


  • 5+ years of marketing or agency experience in a design role, extra points if you managed teams large or small
  • Expert in Adobe Creative Suite, namely Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop.
  • A stand-out portfolio that shows expertise in branding, marketing design, web design, and/or illustration.

PERSONALITY MUSTS: Our perfect fit is someone who is a problem solver who understands the difference between “yes, and…” and “yes, but…”. You should be a hungry, scrappy personality with a positive attitude and aims to deliver. Working in the client service industry can mean going the extra mile, and we need someone who is always willing to rise to the occasion for our clients and strives to put forward beautiful work that exceeds client expectations. Someone who is detailed and organized, driven and displays vigor and comes ready to play every day. Confidence, self-discipline, and a congenial, curious mind are things we love and admire.

BONUS POINTS FOR APPLICANTS WITH: (if you don’t have these but are organized and want to learn, we want to hear from you!)

  • Experience in the secondary software we use, such as Sketch, Adobe XD, Webflow, and/or Monday.com
  • Experience in UX design and/or research
  • Experience in web design
  • Knowledge of the dental industry


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