At Wonderist Agency, we guarantee you’ll have problems to solve. You’ll be dragged into projects in the 11th hour. And you’ll be expected to create and contribute to our ever-evolving processes. The work isn’t easy. It’s dental. And there’s plenty to go around.

We need an intelligent, creative writer with the flexibility to turn on their heels when priorities change, the thoughtfulness to do what’s in the best interest of the team, and the desire to always produce their best work. We do what’s right for the client, not just what’s easy. And that’s what makes our jobs gratifying.

We are a fast-growing startup of nearly 50, and that means we’re agile. We’re able to try new things and experiment. It also means we make time to celebrate the work, each other, and when we hit our quarterly goals. We’re all friends here, so you can find the Buds at our beloved dive bar, Desi’s, for happy hour or across the street at Liberty Station for lunch.

Basically, we need someone who’s willing to work really hard and doesn’t get discouraged when a project is going off the rails. So if you’ve got a lot of grit and gumption, keep reading...


The Copywriter / Editor will write and edit content for client needs in the digital and traditional marketing space. These needs will include websites, blogs, direct mailers, newsletters, and press releases, among others. You’ll work closely with the Design Team on branding projects, the Web Team on websites, and the SEO Team to develop and implement content strategies. Because content bleeds into every service, being an agile, team player is critical.

Core Competencies:

  • Versatile & Creative Writer: Someone who can come up with an engaging headline but can also explain difficult concepts. Bonus points if you can be concise.
  • Meticulous Editor: So meticulous that you thoroughly read job descriptions. Please include your favorite book or podcast in your cover letter and explain why it’s your favorite in 240 characters or less.
  • Problem Solver: You will solve problems every single day, so we need someone with a solutions-oriented mind and a positive attitude. For example, if you’re having trouble adding a cover letter to your application on LinkedIn, you can apply for the job on our website.
  • Organized & Self-Starter: Once you learn the ropes, we’ll expect you to take ownership of your projects and keep things moving forward.
  • Great Communicator: We move at a quick pace and need someone who can keep the team and department heads up-to-date on progress. Clearly communicating with clients is also essential.
  • Strategic Thinker: Every service we offer our clients ties into the next. We need someone who can see those connections and make good choices for our clients.
  • Confident Interviewer: Copywriters are storytellers. To get the story, we need a good interview. We often take the lead on client calls and need someone who feels comfortable and confident speaking with clients, asking the right questions, and figuring out what makes them unique.
  • Takes Pride In Work: We need someone who takes any project, big or small, and puts everything they have into it. Mistakes are okay. Sloppiness is not.

Essential Functions:

  • Client Kickoff and Strategy Calls: From these initial conversations, you will need to evaluate client goals, tease out differentiators, and recommend marketing strategies that lead them to success.
  • Branding: You will work with our Design Team to generate practice names, branding concepts, and taglines that align with client preferences and goals.
  • Content Strategy: You will develop content strategies using site mapping tools and tie those strategies to other services and channels as needed.
  • Websites: Once all foundational elements are approved, it will be your responsibility to write the copy for websites.
  • Edits & QAs: You will be responsible for editing your own work and QAing the websites you write. You’ll also be responsible for editing other writers’ work. I can’t stress enough how important this is to the role. If you have any doubts about your editing skills, please save us both some time.
  • Monthly Content Deliverables: You’ll work with the SEO Team to write and edit monthly content deliverables.
  • Direct Mailers & Other Collateral: You’ll need to write creative, engaging copy for direct mailers and other collateral including brochures, newsletters, press releases, blogs, and any other content needs that come up.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in writing, journalism, marketing, advertising, or related field
  • 2+ years of experience in a professional writing role, agency experience preferred
  • Basic G Suite Skills (Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, etc.)
  • Basic knowledge of SEO best practices

Bonus Points:

  • Deep understanding of SEO best practices
  • Knowledge of the dental industry
  • Knowledge of Webflow

If we just described you...

please apply with your resume, cover letter, and a portfolio or writing samples.

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