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5 Things Your Dental Practice Website Needs To Generate New Patients

Marketing The Right Way Apart from a referral, which is the best compliment one can have, look at the number one platform that shapes the core of all your marketing – your practice’s website. Besides your practice’s phone, your website is one of your best portals for patients to connect with you.

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Apart from a referral, which is the best compliment one can have, look at the number one platform that shapes the core of all your marketing – your practice’s website.

Besides your practice’s phone, your dental website is one of your best portals for patients to connect with you. Many dentists set off with a vague goal of wanting to attract more new patients. Understandable. This can work but – you are placing yourself at a big disadvantage and limiting the results you can achieve if you don’t place your website to the top of your list for marketing needs.

Our Wonderist sites are on an incredible platform called Webflow. They are fully customizable and through this platform, we are able to truly leverage the abilities of our creative team in letting them build your site as they design it. These sites are build for dental SEO and deliver a unique experience to the end user.

Here are 5 elements you should implement on your website today.

Call To Action

A great call to action is key in generating an easy way for potential patients to contact you.

What exactly does “call to action” mean? It is an instruction you provide that can provoke an immediate response from your user. Examples of an effective call to action for a practice’s site could include a clear “Find Out More” button, a contact form that is short but asks for enough information so that you can contact the user. Another useful option could be a direct “Schedule an appointment” button or link right on your homepage, as this is the number one source to grab new leads.

One easy source that we discussed in our last blog is that there can be a Live Chat feature that will be utilized for potential patient’s questions. You have an opportunity to catch them in the moment when they’re searching for a new provider.

A call to action doesn’t need to be a bunch of bells and whistles. It needs to be simple, eye-catching and take place on your home page. It should not just be an after-thought. Your call to action you end up choosing should fit in with the overall purpose of the site. It should fluidly blend but stand out at the same time. You have to think about being in the patient’s shoes and how easy it is to be able to get in touch with your practice.

Online Scheduler

Quick access to schedule in real time!

Apart from having your call to action to contact your practice to schedule with a team member, we can even go one step further and have your potential patient be able to schedule right then and there. Our society shows a preference for doing many things via the internet or mobile apps these days. It only makes sense that they want to schedule their dentist’s appointments as well. Look at the convenience factor, as well as the popularity of websites, smartphones, and gadgets, which allow us to do so many things with the ease of tapping a screen icon or clicking a button.

By having an online schedule system like Local Med, your guest can see date and times that are available for your practice. They basically have your scheduling system at the tips of their fingers. Dates and time availability showcased for them to check their calendar without clogging up your phone lines.

Video Integration

As we’ve been told, a picture says a thousand words. But a video can do that and more. Now more than ever, having the ability to attract, engage and bring visitors to your website can be critical in the success of generating new patients.

A creative way to get noticed and stand out from your competition is with a custom video. It can provide you with many benefits to your website and your practice. By having a custom video, it can be a great way to get your message across in a type of format that visitors will quickly and easily digest.  We’re not saying video should completely replace all of your written content, but it is a great complement to your web copy and will strengthen your message overall. As well as giving your brand a personality.

Mobile Responsive

Our handheld device is another organ to us. We constantly have it with us and panic when we don’t. When not having access to a desktop, we reach for our phones or tablets to provide us for information. Fun fact, the end of 2016 was the first time that mobile internet use surpassed desktop use, tipping the scales 51.2 percent for mobile to 48.7 percent for desktop.

Just because you have a website doesn’t always mean it’s mobile-friendly. And Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites over those that are not in mobile search results. Remember that whole algorithm thing that Google does? That tweaks the way Google displays mobile search results. Websites that are optimized for mobile rank better than those that don’t, so it is definitely an important factor!

Want to know a really cool tool that can help you see if your site is mobile responsive? Google Mobile Friendly is an awesome site that shows how your site looks when it is received on your mobile device.

You’re also able to reach customers much faster, as customers won’t have to go on a hunt for your site. They can just perform a search to find your practice quickly and easily. Time is valuable these days as everyone is constantly moving and people’s minds can change quickly.

Organic Photography

Today, the average person can become overwhelmed with information fatigue. We are so used to our day to day being filled with a constant intake of visual information due to the world of social media. And that’s why we know an image will stand a better chance that a page full of written copy.

By having your own, personal photography on your website, people will create that impression of your business’ vision and professionalism just by the photography you have placed.

Potential patients don’t want to just see stock imagery of people smiling with their hair blowing in the wind. It’s not you or your team so why would they feel like they can get to know you through a stock image?

Having a custom shoot can not only benefit your website but think about how many different ways you can use those photos? Direct mailers, social media, advertisements, the list goes on!

Taking The Next Step

The new year is upon us and we know thinking about your website isn’t always at the top of your to-do list. But if you’re ready to take the new year by storm and really gain traction with your marketing, schedule a call with us so we can get you going. We take all the heavy lifting and frustration off of your hands. And by starting with a new website, you’ll see some amazing results!

Ready to start? Click here to set up at a time to chat with Laura!

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