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21 Best Dental Websites of 2021

2022 is here! We've taken the time to review some of our favorite sites that we built in 2021 and have compiled the top 21 (as voted on by our team) in no particular order. Check them out here!

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When we rang in 2021, our team set out to push through the uncertainty of 2020 and create our very best work for dentists across the nation. The result? Dozens of stunning dental websites that brought patients and practices together like never before. From crisp cosmetic boutiques to cheery pediatric offices, Wonderist created beautiful, highly interactive sites for practices of all kinds over the past twelve months. And honestly? We’ve been dying to share them with you!

Here are our top 21 sites of 2021:

Austin Dental Co.

Austin Dental Co.’s barnyard chic branding and engaging video masthead immediately draw patients into their upbeat and on-trend practice. With short bursts of copy peppered throughout the site, patients can enjoy a glimpse of the practice environment while easily accessing all the information they need.

The Ivory Dental Co.

Ask any Wonder Bud to name the most chic dental website of 2021 and chances are they’ll say The Ivory Dental Co. With subtle animations, calming content, and plenty of white space, scrolling through this site truly feels like stepping into a spa.

Bow Tie Dentist

If you’ve ever worked with Wonderist, you’ve probably heard our team say “lean into your differentiator.” It’s safe to say Dr. Ramos got the message. By providing us with plenty of photos that show off his snazzy space and signature bow tie, our team was able to craft a sharp site that boldly showcases his personality and commitment to care.

Monarch Dental Arts

Capturing the essence of your practice is done best with quality, authentic photos and videos. A patient can truly picture themselves at Monarch Dental Arts thanks to the stunning masthead video and beautiful images of the office and team throughout the site.

New Horizon Institute

New Horizon Institute is a non-profit clinic that’s all about taking action and helping patients get the care they need at a price they can afford. Thanks to the engaging masthead video and striking aesthetic, visitors get to experience the excitement that comes with providing smiles to those in need.

Milktooth Pediatric Dentistry

A modern approach to pediatric dental branding makes this site stand out from the crowd. Welcoming and easy to navigate, Milktooth Pediatric Dentistry’s website proves that sometimes, clean, simple lines can be the key to creating a feeling of warmth and trust for parents who are looking for a quality practice to take care of their child’s smile.

Tuttle Family Dentistry

As active veterans of the U.S. Army, Dr. Tuttle and Dr. Colt are on a mission to provide every patient with state-of-the-art care in an office that feels just like home. Inspired by their rustic, americana aesthetic, our web team crafted a site that mirrors their practice culture and commitment to excellence.

Desert Kids Dental

Little smiles can learn to bloom, even in the desert! With her cactus-inspired office and playful brand, our team set out to build a site that captures Dr. Sandra’s sunny approach to care. Parents scrolling through the site can enjoy the cute icons and subtle colors while easily accessing the information they need most.

Takii Family Dentistry

Dr. Takii is a shining example of the American dream. His 15 years of active military experience helped shape his love for his country and community, and now his website reflects those family values. With plenty of photos and an emphasis on gentle, comforting care, Takii Family Dentistry’s site welcomes prospective patients to their dental family.

Pediatric Eyes and Smiles

This is a wonderfully vibrant site filled with subtle animations and fun characters while remaining easy to navigate. Truly a unique practice, Drs. Ashley and Steven provide compassionate, comprehensive dental and vision care for children and teens in their community, and we think their site reflects just how special they are.

Great Bay Orthodontics

Our list of favorite sites wouldn’t be complete without an orthodontic practice! Dr. Walsh is transforming lives and smiles, and his inviting website capitalizes on the gorgeous scenery of Stratham, NH, as well as their modern, welcoming office. Plus, any site that features an office pup is a winner in our book.

1385 Dental Studio

Content is king on 1385 Dental Studio’s site! With a wide masthead image and plenty of original photos from Dr. Mustafa’s team, one can truly grasp the modern-retro vibe that makes 1385 stand out amongst competing practices.

Woburn Dental Associates

Easy to navigate. Modern design. Stunning photos and videos. Woburn Dental Associates checks every box with their beautiful, sleek site. A dynamic video masthead paired with a gallery of authentic imagery balance the clear and straightforward copy that leads the patients throughout the site.

Goldstein, Garber & Salama

Classic, bold, and content-driven, Goldstein, Garber & Salama elegantly showcase their top-notch services and legacy of care with all-authentic imagery.

Consultants In Dental Aesthetics

Stepping into Consultants in Dental Aesthetics is more like walking into a salon or boutique studio than a traditional dental practice. Our team created a site that reflected its serene, sleek atmosphere with clean lines and ample white space, all while prioritizing their stunning authentic imagery.

Skylyn Dental Associates

With an outstanding variety of video content that showcases their practice, services, and more, Skylyn Dental Associates invites a patient to virtually step into their practice from the comfort of their own home.

Alliance Family Dentistry

Simple, accessible, and straightforward, Alliance Family Dentistry’s site was designed to mirror their own personable approach to care. By prioritizing authentic imagery and easy-to-find contact information, patients can enjoy exploring the site while quickly accessing the content they need the most.

Long Prairie Family Dental

Long Prairie Family Dental’s site opens with a soft, welcoming image of their front office waiting area, making patients feel right at home. The calming green tones and clear, concise content add to the soothing experience.

DentAllon Dentistry

It’s not every day you see a dentist dancing through her sparkling boutique dental practice, providing cutting-edge, down-to-earth care. That’s exactly what patients will experience when viewing DentAllon’s masthead video and exploring the rest of Dr. Allon’s site! The fun, fresh content perfectly captures the upbeat, no-judgment zone Dr. Allon and her team have created at DentAllon.

Ironwood Dental

Going to the dentist isn’t a walk in the park for everyone. That’s why Ironwood Dental anchors its mission in comfortable, compassionate, non-judgmental care. By incorporating soothing nature imagery and authentic content, our team brought Ironwood’s warm and modern atmosphere to life.


ARTSCI Dental is the epitome of a clean and modern dental office, so our team created a site that mirrors their aesthetic and values. With a contact banner right beneath the masthead, patients can skip the endless scrolling and find out exactly how to get in touch. Plus, ARTSCI’s stunning, genuine imagery of their team and office is what truly makes this site memorable.

What’s trending in 2022?

While every website is unique, our favorites from 2021 all share one thing in common — quality, authentic content! That’s what we preach at Wonderist and it’s what we plan to deliver our clients in 2022. When you capture your differentiators with dynamic photos and videos, our team can craft a site that truly makes them shine. Looking to give your dental website a makeover? In search of photo and video services to boost your marketing campaigns? Get in touch with our team to start the conversation!