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Life at Wonderist: How We're Creating Company Culture Through Values

We love the work we do at Wonderist Agency, but if you ask anyone here, they’ll tell you that it’s their colleagues and the atmosphere we’ve created that keeps us motivated.

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We love the work we do at Wonderist Agency, but if you ask anyone here, they’ll tell you that it’s their colleagues and the atmosphere we’ve created that keeps us motivated. Our growth has been pretty rapid, and we realize if we want to keep our secret sauce, we needed to decide on a recipe! That’s why we took a little time at the beginning of 2018 to hammer out the values that define us as a company. So if you’re interested in Wonderist, who we are and how we work, this is a glimpse into our company culture:

Value 1: Live with Passion and Purpose.

Wonderist Agency thrives on passion. We want to be around interesting, passionate people. People who seek answers, have a natural curiosity and embrace life are the guts of Wonderist Agency and are the kind of folks who keep work life interesting, engaging and help raise the bar. Being around great humans makes you want to be a great human!

Value 2: Be Honest. Cut the BS.

We’re going to be wrong. We’re going to mistakes. It’s what we do after that matters. Honesty with ourselves, our employees, and our customers creates an environment where we care on a personal level, but are willing and able to solve problems and find solutions that make things right when things go wrong.

Value 3: No Excuses. Winners Win.

There’s no crying in baseball! We leave our excuses at the door. The only thing standing in the way of us meeting our goals is us. We set goals and we will climb over every obstacle to meet them. Success breeds success!

Value 4: Assume Positive Intent.

Negativity doesn’t help our team grow. With co-workers and clients alike, we work hard to assume the best. We focus on the good things that are happening and remember that everyone of us has a little kid inside that just wants to be recognized.

Value 5: Evolve. Adapt, adopt and grow.

Stagnancy is a killer. Evolution as individuals and as a company is essential for growth. We don’t cling to things that don’t work. We ask ourselves, “can we do this better?”, and then we do. We push ourselves and one another to always be making things better, faster and stronger.

Value 6: Be Exceptional. Mediocrity is for them, not us.

We’re not the kind of team that wants to hang back in the middle of the pack. Good enough doesn't exist. At Wonderist Agency, we seek to serve our clients and our team in a way that makes us stand out. Providing exceptional service, a personal touch and being at the top of our game puts us at the front of the pack where we belong.

Value 7: Find Balance. The work never ends, enjoy the journey.

That task list? Those emails? It will never be done. The work will always be there. Make sure you find time to enjoy your life, your side hustle, and your work and approach every day with a healthy perspective.

Value 8: Have fun. Life is better with a little silliness.

We make work less work-like and a little more life-like. Who doesn’t love happy hour, a camp-themed dress up day or a game of ping pong? Bringing humor, fun and levity to the office and our client relationships is what makes the time fly and the memories stick.

Value 9: Be Humble. No egos

There’s no room for ego here. Egos terrorize teamwork and build barriers. We give credit where credit is due, but we don’t ever ask for it. Getting the job done well is all the satisfaction we need. We put the needs of our clients and our team first.

Value 10: Use your best judgement

Read 1-9. Make decision. We trust you.

From values, to culture and beyond.

Our values don’t just shape our identity now, they are our roadmap to future success as a company. We’re excited for our future and what Wonderist Agency can accomplish with these values guiding us. If any of these values align with your own belief, we encourage you to look through our services portfolios or apply to a position where you feel qualified. We’d love to have you join the Wonderist Agency family.