How Your Dental Practice Should Use Facebook Bluetooth Beacon

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What Are Facebook Bluetooth Beacons?

Facebook Bluetooth® beacons help people see more information about your business whenever they use Facebook during their visit. When people visit your business and open Facebook, they’ll see Place Tips with information about your business like:

  • A welcome note and photo
  • Prompts to like your Facebook Page and check in
  • Posts from your Facebook Page
  • Their friends’ recommendations about your place

What are Place Tips?

Place Tips show people information about the places they visit. When people choose to view Place Tips, they’ll see things like posts and photos that their friends have shared with them about that place. They can also see information about the place, including posts from its Page and upcoming events.

How Beacons Work

These beacons use Bluetooth to send a signal to the Facebook app on a patient’s phone to help us show them the right Place Tips at the right place. Your patients will need to use the latest version of the Facebook iPhone app, turn on Bluetooth and be present at the business location where the beacon is located.

Services and cost:

Facebook Bluetooth Beacons are free for you to use!


The Facebook Bluetooth Beacon is a great tool for dental practices. Patients waiting to be seen can learn more about your practice and you can grow your page likes. Facebook is currently being very selective on which business receive it. If you would like for your practice to be eligible your page needs to have a lot of photos, check-ins, and status updates before we request a beacon on your behalf. You can help by encouraging all of your patients to check into your practice on Facebook to help along the process. Send us a lot of photos of you, your staff, and the office and we can take care of the other two requirements.

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