Why Your New Dental Website Isn't Showing Up On Google

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When we launch a new site, we often hear questions about dental SEO and the ranking process. More specifically, clients want to know when they can expect to see their site showing up in Google searches.

The most important thing to remember when launching a new site is to be patient. With nearly 650 million websites on the internet, Google bots have a lot to sift through. Finding a brand new site with a fresh domain can sometimes be like finding a needle in a haystack. But, with proper SEO, your needle becomes bigger and easier to find. Here are a few things to keep in mind while we manage your SEO campaign to catch Google bot eyes.

4 Reasons Why Your Dental Website Isn't Showing on SERPs Yet

  • New Domain Names Take Time to Rank:It’s accepted throughout the SEO community — and confirmed by Google reps — that a brand new site with a new domain name, ie. www.YourPracticeName.com, takes on average 3-6 months to rank. Google typically gives more authority to older, active domain names. Alternatively, if a site gets a new redesign on an older domain, Google tends to “overreact” when the bots first crawl it and you can often find an initial dip in rankings.
  • (Optimized) Content is King: At Wonderist, our dental copywriters create unique content for your site because recycled, canned or plagiarized content is flagged by Google bots. We showcase you and your office in a way that feels authentic, and in a way that will gain recognition from Google bots. Google’s first page in any given search is reserved for sites that offer users the best, most relevant content to their inquiry. Our SEO optimized content will ensure that users find the information they’re looking for and that Google bots consider your page relevant and useful.
  • Ranking vs. Organic Traffic: Google rankings aren’t the only numbers our SEO specialists are concerned with. It’s also important to see upward movement when it comes to your organic traffic. Rankings don’t mean much if they aren’t generating quality leads and new patients, so we make sure that your high ranking site is optimized with quality content and clear CTAs that will get results.
  • Launch SEO services before your full site goes live: At Wonderist, we’re able to spin up a Coming Soon page as soon as we have your domain login. This allows us to launch your SEO service before your full site goes live and gives you a head start on the optimization process. The longer your new domain is live, the more authority it will have. During this time, we can also begin building backlinks to your site, which tell Google that it’s legitimate, further increasing authority. Plus, troubleshooting any SEO problems quickly and before your official site launches is always best for the ranking process.

Consider SEO as the long game when it comes to your marketing strategy and the overall health of your practice. It might take some time to gain traction and rankings, but once the SEO wheels begin to turn, you’ll see a boost in your organic traffic and your new patient base.

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