How A Simple Equation Unlocks The Secret to Client Success

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Have you ever wondered what sets a small business apart from the rest? The answer lies in the art of client success, the kind that goes beyond just meeting expectations. It’s something we can all get better at, whether you’re a Wonder Bud or a dental practice owner. This was the main focus of our latest quarterly meeting called Camp, where the Wonder Buds came together to discuss agency financials, celebrate wins, and revisit priorities. Together, we discovered how a simple equation can get clients stoked about what we’re doing and what’s to come.

Here’s the formula:

Structure + Emphasis = Client Success

Let’s break it down.

Structure: Building a Solid Foundation of Resources

At Wonderist, we've learned that a set of structured resources creates a consistently successful client experience. By providing our team with robust tools and ample training, they’re well-equipped to deliver expert marketing support to our dentists. Just as patients feel confident making decisions after being informed of treatment options, our team feels empowered to crush it for our clients once they have everything they need to succeed.

Emphasis: Leverage Resources, Tailor for Impact

After assembling our tools and resources, it’s time to know them inside and out. Thorough training sessions empower our team to become intimately familiar with their client’s campaigns. Wonderist knows that no two dental practices are the same, so to ensure success, we focus on tweaking and tailoring each marketing plan to align with our client’s unique goals. 

The Client Success Outcome: Thriving Practices and Delighted Clients

When Structure and Emphasis are combined, something magical happens. Dentists are engaged with their marketing from day one because they actually see the impact it's making on their practice's success. It’s kind of like a smile design simulator — when a patient understands what their results will look like in advance, they’re excited to get started and stick with the treatment journey. 

From the kickoff call to the third year of targeted dental implant ads, Wonderist is referencing this equation over and over to make sure practices are thriving and clients are happy. It’s just one of the many ways we’re proud to deliver the best dental marketing with a smile.  

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