Dental Podcast: Is Your Marketing Strategy Out-Of-Date?

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Dentaltown Podcast 708: Laura Maly And Michael Anderson

Laura and Michael sit down with the guru of dental podcasting, Howard Farran, to talk about bringing your dental marketing strategy up-to-date.

Here are some of the topics covered in the podcast:

What is better, a flushed out dental website or just going to spend the money with Google AdWords?

Michael: " At the end of the day, I think that it's better to have a dental website that really represents your practice because again, part of the time, what's gonna happen is people are going to hear about you from either another marketing campaign or from a friend, family member or a team member at work and they're going to research you. And so you want to create an experience for them where when they go to your website, you get them excited and stop their search. "

How can you translate these ideas to small business owners like dentists?

Laura: "We know what it's like to sometimes go to work and show up and feel like you're alone and not really sure by comparison's sake. And so I would say, if you are feeling lonely or you feel like you need to balance some items or things that are on your mind off of you, we have so much data and information and have worked with so many dentists all over the country. We have an interesting insight and we also know what it feels like to be small business owners sometimes. "

What's your program for teaching the front office to convert more calls?

Michael: "I like CallRail [...] you get all this granular data to actually say which of these campaigns is working and then you can listen to the calls to see one or the good leads and two, did my team closed them effectively to bring this back to what we talked about sort of at the beginning. The reason we love this so much is like we said, not every marketing campaign that we touch is going to be a success. We want to use this tool to figure out what's working and what's not quickly, so we can focus on the stuff that really helps drive new patients."

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