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November Recap: Gratitude for Our Growing Team

To recap our November, we welcomed two new Wonder Buddies to our team, and we were excited to finally gear up for the holidays with our growing family. By the end of the month, our freshly minted account managers had hit the ground running, our tree was decorated, and our die-hard holiday fanatics were full of (timely) joy and anticipation.

Wondergiving and Our Jar of Thanks

The excitement for our Wondergiving feast began early in November, as soon as we created the potluck sign-up sheet and our “Thankful Jar”. Throughout the month, we wrote down messages of gratitude to fill the jar and we each signed up to bring our favorite dish, which ended up being way too much food to store in the refrigerator.

Our Wondergiving meal included mashed potatoes (toe-toes, as some of us in the office like to call them), brussels sprouts, candied yams, and a 24-pound turkey. Once we were done eating an obscene amount of food, we opened the Thankful Jar and read each message out loud. Some of the things we’re grateful for? The office pups, good coffee, good health, and each other.

New Buds

We added two Wonder Buddies to the team in November! Introducing: Cortney and Julia, Wonderist Agency’s newest Account Managers. Cortney’s favorite part of working with clients is that no two days are the same, which means every day is an opportunity to learn something new. Julia loves that the Wonder Buddies are more like friends than coworkers and that she gets to love on all the office dogs throughout the day!

Each Wonder Buddy has more than a few interests and hobbies. Cortney loves baseball and her goal is to visit every MLB stadium. She’s already been to 17 out of the 30! For Julia, nothing beats a good gym session and going home to binge-watch The Office.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

This year, Wonderist chose Kids 4 Community to be their Give this holiday season! An amazing non-profit, right here in San Diego, is a place where children can learn all about giving back and how to be a part of their community. TheWonder Buds brought in over 50 pieces of toys to help give back to children in need throughout our San Diego Community.

Liberty Station – who is so conveniently located across the street from our agency, also got into the holiday spirit! They lit their ENORMOUS holiday tree this past week and some of the gals got to be there to witness it!

How Some Buds Celebrate

And we all know that the holiday season begins well before Christmas arrives, and most of us start to anticipate Thanksgiving right after Halloween. But a few of the Wonder Buddies look forward to these last few magical months of the year a bit earlier (okay, a lot earlier). You could probably find some of us listening to Christmas songs on the beach in the middle of July. What do these holiday enthusiasts find so special about the season? We asked a few of them:

April: It’s the simple things like snuggling up on the couch and watching Hallmark Christmas movies that make April a Christmas fangirl.  

Jojo: Looking forward to Christmas IS Jojo’s favorite part of Christmas. So, technically, she considers Thanksgiving the best holiday because it means that her anticipation is finally considered appropriately timed.

LB: For LB, the best part of the holiday season is the decorations. More specifically, Christmas lights. (Think Clark Griswold from Christmas Vacation.)

Do you have some fun Holiday traditions? Let us know in the comments!

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