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How to Leverage LocalMed to Generate More Dental Patients

LocalMed is a website plug-in for dental websites that allows patients to find and make dental appointments online for free.

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What is LocalMed?

(As said by LocalMed with adaptation)

LocalMed is a website plug-in for dental websites that allows patients to find and make dental appointments online for free.


  • Find a Dentist: Use LocalMed to find a local dentist. Filter by insurance, date and time, gender, open appointments, etc.
  • Schedule Appointments: A free system that lets you schedule appointments at date and times that work for you! It allows you to schedule appointments 24/7 online or through their mobile app.
  • Reminders: Set reminders so you don’t miss your appointment!

Why we like LocalMed:

After continued frustration at the lead attribution model and greediness of ZocDoc, we were happy to discover LocalMed for our clients and their patients. This online booking system connects patients and their doctors to make appointments online without the hassle of getting on the phone.

Prospective patients seeking a dentist can visit the LocalMed site to find a doctor and make appointments. OR (best of all) with the help of a small plug-in on the doctor’s website current patients can now quickly schedule online as well.

The most amazing thing is you don’t even have to create an account with LocalMed to book. It’s that easy.

Our research says:

A few things to note regarding the functionality of LocalMed:

  • According to LocalMed’s statistics 75.32% of appointments booked are from new patients while 24.68% are from existing patients.
  • Customers don’t necessarily have to find you through the LocalMed website. Thanks to the plug-in, your patients never have to leave your website or your Facebook page.
  • Cancellation and No-Show rates seem to be lower than expected due to the ability of people to book and choose their own time. (LocalMed did say their June 2015 No-Show rate was about 4.5%).

As we dove deeper in on the product and shifted the focus more towards the marketing end of things, we decided that this product really is a keeper! We love all of the features that help you avoid appointment cancellations. Patients have to double confirm that they are going to show up at their appointment, they can set reminders, and are more likely to pick an appointment that will work with their schedule because they are hand selecting from your available time slots. One advantage that LocalMed has over ZocDoc is that it stays up to date on your appointments all day so that you can avoid awkward scheduling conflicts.

After hours or weekend? LocalMed suggests you add a message in your voicemail directing patients to make an appointment using their plug-in. It’s like having someone at the front desk 24/7!

Does it integrate with your software?

The Practice Management Systems that LocalMed currently Integrate with are:

  • Dentrix (G4, G5, G6 & Enterprise)
  • Eaglesoft (16 & 17)
  • OpenDental (13.2+)
  • SoftDent (14.2.5+)
  • EZ Dental (11)

Wonderist Recommendation:

We really enjoy the team at LocalMed and think they have a fantastic product on their hands! The product is easy to use, doesn’t take away from the patient experience on a practice’s website and is just generally a great tool to get both current patients and new patients to make appointments. Practices also have the option of adding a pop-up to the site letting patients know LocalMed is available to them. For an office looking to make appointments online, LocalMed is a great choice. There is no contract and you can cancel at any time.