October Recap At Wonderist

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Work & Life: October at Wonderist

October was jam-packed with work and play for the Wonder Buds! (Okay, most months around here are usually filled with the two.) But October was especially memorable. The start of this month marked the end of a very successful quarter, and the Buds were rewarded for all our hard work with a celebratory sail on a Catamaran. We kicked off Halloween weekend with a Spooky Speakeasy Murder Mystery, hosted by Mary, our very own copywriter. And we added a new graphic designer to the Wonder Buddie team!

All Aboard the Aolani

In mid-October, the Wonder Buddies took a day to look back on the boatload of goals we accomplished in the third quarter, both business-related and personal. At Camp Wonderist, we recapped our achievements and set new goals to end the year strong. Then, we finished off the day by hopping aboard The Aolani to celebrate in style. We spent a few hours on the San Diego Bay, basking in the success of our third quarter and the rays of the autumnal sunshine (it was a perfect 75 with clear blue skies). The day couldn’t have been any sweeter, and it was the perfect way to set the tone for the last quarter of the year.

Halloween Murder Mystery: We Wonder Whodunnit?!

The Wonder Buddies love a good reason to dress up and throw a party. But our copywriter, Mary, might be the biggest fan of a themed gathering. In honor of all things macabre, she invited us to a murder mystery party and decorated the office with skulls, candelabra, and cobwebs.
Entrance required a secret password (“buffalo chicken dip”), and once the party began the hunt for clues led the Wonder Buddies all around the office. We turned over picture frames, illuminated invisible ink with a blacklight, and pointed fingers every which way. The clues eventually led to the big revelation of the murderer (spoiler alert: it was Paxton), but all was forgiven by the end of the night.

Wonder Women Travel to LA for Create & Cultivate

Create & Cultivate is a conference designed to inspire women, spark conversation, and create space for intimate discussions about entrepreneurship, creativity, representation, and so much more. The keynote speaker of the event was actress, writer, and director Rashida Jones. Other panelists included Nicole Richie, Elaine Welteroth, and Gigi Gorgeous. The Wonder Women returned to San Diego rejuvenated and refreshed with a new creative passion for work, diversity, and inclusion

Nina Joins the Team

In true Wonder Buddie fashion, we gave our new graphic designer a warm welcome on her first day by decorating her desk with streamers and ordering coffee and bagels. Of course, we also put her on the spot during her welcome breakfast by asking her to divulge a fun fact about herself: She was a mathlete in eighth grade (#nerdalert). Nina has 6 years of experience as a graphic designer, and she’s already creating beautiful work for Wonderist clients! When she isn’t in the office, you can find her doodling in her sketchbook, writing, and exploring San Diego through culinary adventures.

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