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10 Best Dental Websites of 2019

2020 is here! We have taken the time to review some of our favorite sites that we built in 2019 and have compiled the top 10 (as voted on by our team) in no particular order. Check them out here!

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Here at Wonderist, we think self-reflection is important. We also love acknowledging when our team goes above and beyond the call of duty to make a stellar product. That’s why we have taken the time to review some of our favorite dental websites that we have built this year and have compiled the top 10 (as voted on by our team) in no particular order.

So, what do these sites have in common? An emphasis on showcasing the personality of the practice! We love helping our clients stand out. One way we can do this is by letting the personality of the practice and the local color shine. This makes for a dynamic website that draws patients in and creates an accessible interface for existing patients. 

Enamel Dentistry

For this multi-location practice that serves the unique neighborhoods that keep Austin weird, we built a website that highlights Enamel Dentistry's remarkable offices and colorful city.

On this site, you’ll notice a thoughtful mix of unique images and service-specific iconography. Their social media is front and center to foster connectivity. Linking out to their social media boosts engagement and connectivity. 

Enamel Dentistry Screenshot

Lake Bluff Dental

This site is timeless, classy, and easy to navigate making it a great example of ideal user experience. A strong, conversion-focused navigation keeps Lake Bluff Dental's contact information top of mind, while the structure of the site and the unique copy highlight the doctor's specialty and showcases her breadth of services.

Lake Bluff Dental Screengrab

Smile Culture Dental

With a soft, inviting color palette and an eye-catching, modern font, Smile Culture Dental's website keeps users’ attention and makes for an overall pleasant interface. The video masthead steals the show by featuring real patients and their reactions to their new smiles. 

Smile Culture Dental Homepage Screengrab


SmileSpot’s unique, vibrant brand is front and center throughout the website. This Conveys a beachy, relaxed mood and instills a serene, stress-free experience. Located in a hip area of southern California, this website matches the target demographic of the practice as well as the unique aesthetic of the doctor.

SmileSpot Homepage Screengrab

Bash Dental

Bash Dental is the only 24/7 emergency dentist in the Doylestown area. Keeping this in mind, we created an emergency-focused website, so patients know exactly who to call when they need help. Their service pages boast an excellent content layout. Small, concise sections make it easy for the user to digest the information and the before and after photos keep attention focused on the service. 

Bash Dental Homepage Screengrab

Mansfield Orthodontics

By incorporating the doctor's personal, family-focused photography, we created a warm and inviting website for patients seeking orthodontic care. This site is clean, sophisticated, and features an exciting animated logo.

Mansfield Orthodontics Homepage Screengrab

Del Mar Dental Studio

Del Mar Dental Studio’s website is a shining example of how stock video should be used. The video in the masthead and the images throughout create a classy yet artistic aesthetic. This site reflects the modern, upscale vibe of Del Mar and effortlessly guides the user through the website with pleasing fonts and background overlays.  

Del Mar Dental Studio homepage screengrab

Marshfield Pediatric Dentistry

With a jungle-themed office built for kids, Marshfield Pediatric Dentistry needed a website that would accomplish two tasks: highlight the kid-friendly office and show parents Dr. Julie's dedication to treating children. Playful characters and pastel colors accent the friendly vibe of the practice. 

Marshfield Pediatric Dentistry homepage screengrab

The Little Royals: Dentistry for Kids

The Little Royals' branding, which was based on a popular children's book, “The Little Prince,” heavily influenced the design of the website. The brand comes to life with characters and animations fit for little and princesses and princes.  

The Little Royals Dentistry for Kids Homepage Screengrab

Kingstowne Dental Specialists

With the challenge of giving equal weight to two different specialties, the copy and design teams found elegant solutions to provide an even balance between the pediatric and orthodontic sides of Kingstowne Dental Specialists. This site deftly showcases their serene, elegant office where kids are welcome and parents are comfortable. 

Kingstowne Dental Specialists Homepage Screengrab

Bonus: Your Virtual Consult

The Your Virtual Consult website shows how easy it is for doctors to gain more patients with a lead generation tool made specifically for dentists. With clean-cut design elements and a simple, intuitive layout, viewers browsing Your Virtual Consult’s site can clearly understand its mission, value, and services at a first glance.

Your Virtual Consult Homepage Screengrab