Personal + Professional Development 2020 - Survivin’ and Thrivin’

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At Wonderist, one of our main Pillars is rooted in the personal and professional development of our team. Graphic Designer Nina, Account Manager Zach, and Controller Chappy make up this year’s Personal and Professional Development Pillar heads. Each quarter, this rockstar crew sends out an eblast that’s packed with reflections, tips, resources, and incentives to hone our team’s skills at the office and promote growth in their personal lives, too. Check out the latest newsletter for some helpful tips and tricks to keep you and your team survinin’ and thrivin’ all quarantine long.


"How you do anything is how you do everything.”
– Carrie Taylor, Assistant Coach for SD Loyal SC

Hey Buds!

We hope you're hanging in there and staying safe & healthy. As the world grapples with the bombardment of plot twists that 2020 keeps handing us, your personal/professional development pillar heads will be sharing some resources to keep you reassured, entertained, and as prepared as possible to handle whatever life throws your way. 

In this newsletter, we're focusing on ways to stay sane and entertained at home. You'll find:

  • ICYMI: Q1, a reflection on last quarter's events and some key lessons we learned from them;
  • Meal Prep Tips, a brief guide on how to strategically navigate the grocery aisles and make home cooking easy and fun; 
  • Home Hacks by Chapy, a section that highlights some of Chapy's favorite tips to surviving quarantine life; and

The Wonder Scout Review, an update on the leading Wonder Scout Point earners, a first look at the badges, and a few new activities to help you earn more Cupcake and Poodle Points.

So sit back with your favorite Quarantini, relax, and enjoy some tips on how to roll with the punches during these crazy times. 


Beer Floats & Carrie Taylor & Coffee & Routines.

Our first quarter was filled with activities that gave us the opportunity to reflect on what it means to build good habits so we can set ourselves up for success. In case you weren't able to attend, here are some highlights from our events.

Beer Floats with Carrie Taylor

We kicked off 2020 by chatting with SD Loyal's Carrie Taylor over some Belching Beaver Milk Stout floats. From her (unintentional) four-year-cycle of growth to her unexpected gig as a UPS packer, the milestones Carrie talked about showed us that there are always valuable lessons to be learned from the highs and lows of life.

Here are some game-changing lessons we learned from our time with Carrie:

  • "How you do anything is how you do everything." The motto of SD Loyal, this phrase motivates SD Loyal to strive to deliver with intention and purpose in everything they do. In a time when we're forced to slow down and step back from what we knew as "normal", we're in the perfect position to think about how adopting this mantra would look in our own daily lives.
  • SD Loyal's core values: respect, compassion, competition, and gratitude. We learned that these principles keep SD Loyal's team accountable and performing at their best. What values keep you accountable for doing your best?
  • What she learned from UPS: attention to detail. Carrie's gig as a UPS packer was a far cry from what she would have called her dream job, but it taught her how to pay relentless attention to detail and to do everything with a sense of excellence. What are some important lessons you've learned from less-than-ideal positions you've held, whether in your personal or professional life?


Last month, we sipped on Seven Seas Coffee as we chatted about our first Coffee Chat theme, RITUALS + ROUTINES

During the chat, we broke into small groups and challenged each group to identify three key takeaways that resonated with them. We found that many Buds discussed how routines play into accomplishing goals, and many had some great productivity and mindset tips to share with the crew.

Here are some key lessons and tips the Buds discussed:

  • Tackle one thing at a time and just do it. Some Buds talked about the concept of "task staleness", which is when one overthinks about accomplishing a goal to the point where the appeal of getting it done fades. How do we fix this? By taking baby steps and simply starting.
  • Celebrate the small wins. Many Buds found that shifting their motivations from streak-driven to purpose-driven helped empower them to work towards their goals. They also found that taking baby steps by tackling small tasks like making your bed, you'll feel encouraged to keep moving forward. (Inspiration: This Youtube, Happy Not Perfect podcast.)
  • Start the day with your own thoughts, not the thoughts of others. One group talked about bad rituals, particularly when it came to checking social media first thing in the morning. To remedy this, a Bud from this group suggested starting your morning with journaling — that way, you fill your mind with your own thoughts rather than the thoughts of others. (Inspiration: Mindset Mentor podcast, The Tim Ferriss Show podcast.)

Meal Prep Tips

Grocery shopping in the time of 'Rona

Pass your time inside by brushing up on your meal prep skills! Here are some ways to hack the sparse grocery scene and maximize your grocery haul in the time of 'Rona.

Tip #1: Buy produce, then freeze for later.

Are the dried/canned goods completely empty? Explore the produce aisle. Lots of fruits and veggies can be washed, chopped, and frozen to prolong their shelf life. Here's a helpful list of freezer-friendly veggies that you can start with.

Tip #2: Explore the spice aisle.

More likely than not, the spice aisle is still probably stocked at your local grocery store. Try your hand at making your own spice blends to spruce up those dull staples you're trying to get rid of in your pantry. Some handy spices to keep on hand include:

  • black pepper
  • garlic + onion powder
  • paprika
  • oregano
  • thyme
  • bay leaves
  • cayenne pepper
  • cumin
  • turmeric
  • cinnamon

What do you do with these? You can try making a Creole-inspired spice blend, or maybe dust some sweet potatoes with a Moroccan-inspired blend before roasting them in the oven.

Tip #3: Learn how to use fresh herbs.

Keeping cilantro and parsley on deck is an easy way to make your meals feel fresher, fancier, and tastier. Some quick tips:

  • Store fresh herbs properly. The Pioneer Woman shares the best ways to store fresh herbs.
  • Make Chimichurri. This video discusses the health benefits of parsley and offers a killer chimichurri recipe.
  • The ice cube tray hack. Can't get through the fresh herbs fast enough? This article from the Kitchn shares a nifty hack involving ice cube trays, oil, and herbs.

Looking for more? Here are more resources for recipe + kitchen inspo.

For healthy, tasty recipes delivered right to your inbox: Clean Plates. A platform loaded with articles and nutritious recipes that help you maximize your grocery shopping list. Sign up for their newsletter to discover healthy ingredients and recipes.

For entertainment when you've already watched all the food shows on Netflix: Tastemade. Fun watchable content on cooking, travel, and food documentaries. Some favorite playlists are Struggle Meals and Lightened Up.

For fine-tuning your grocery budget: Budget Bytes. Cheap and tasty recipes that even break down the approximate total cost per recipe and cost per serving. 

For making your kitchen a happy place: The Kitchn. The kitchen-specific section of Apartment Therapy, this blog covers topics that include cleaning, meal prep hacks, kitchen decor, and making the best hard-boiled egg.

Home Hacks by Chapy

All the things you didn't know you needed to know. 

HOW TO: Stay Entertained During Quarantine

Bored at home? Tired of scrolling through Instagram? TikTok not doin' it for you? Check out 5-Minute Crafts on Youtube. You'll be amazed at all the ways you can repurpose household items. (Our personal favorite? DIY buttons made from drinking straws.)

The Wonder Scout Review

Who's ahead, what's in it for you, & how you can earn more points.

Q1 is done, and together we've earned a total of 500 Wonder Scout Points. Well done, Folks! In case you forgot, our personal and professional development activities this year are centered around the areas of Curiosity, Creativity, Confidence, and Communication. Your participation earns you Gidget Points for Curiosity-themed activities, Cupcake Points for Creativity-themed activities, Poodle Points for Confidence-themed activities, or Moose Points for Communication-themed activities. 

Who's ahead: The Wonder Scout Leaderboard

Big props to these Buds for crushing it with their personal/professional development participation! While the average Bud has earned about 10-15 points so far, Sarah leads the way with a whopping 30 points, while Davia follows closely behind with an impressive 25 points. We've also got seven Buds who've doubled down and joined the 20-Point Club. Keep it up!

Current Leaders

  • Sarah (30 points)
  • Davia (25 points)

20-Point Club:

  • Anna
  • Cortney
  • Elodie
  • Holly
  • Joanna
  • Laura B.
  • Maddie

What's in it for you: Prizes, bragging rights, and some sweet knowledge 

At the end of the year, the top earners in each category will receive a sweet prize and bragging rights. All participating Wonder Scouts will receive a certificate commemorating their journey this year!

How to earn more points: Cliq it up.

Let's fire up the Personal + Professional Development Cliq Channel with some Wonder Scout fun! We'll be posting challenges to help boost your Curiosity, Creativity, Confidence, and Communication throughout the quarter. Start with the below challenges and keep checking the channel for updates in the near future.


CHALLENGE #1:  Put yourself out there from the comforts of your home.

Record yourself — TikTok, IG Story, or just good ol' fashioned video on your phone — sharing a new skill, revelation, or lesson you've learned while in quarantine.  Share your video in the Personal + Professional Development Cliq Channel and earn TEN (10) Poodle "Confidence" Points.

CHALLENGE #2: Flex your creative muscle!

CreativeMornings has moved their free Field Trips to the virtual space! Check out their list of Zoom Field Trips, sign up for your favorite, and attend the session. Share one key highlight you learned in the Personal + Professional Development Cliq Channel and earn TEN (10) Cupcake "Creativity" Points.

CHALLENGE #3: Overheard at Wonderist: Who Said It?

Every issue of The Wonder Beat starts with an "Overheard at Wonderist" quote. If you can guess who said the quote, Cliq Kelsey your answer. The first person to guess correctly will earn FIVE (5) Gidget "Curiosity" Points.

What's Next?

Stay tuned for more money-saving tips and event updates in our next newsletter!

Peace, Love, and Growth,

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