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The Top 3 Reasons Why You Need A Strong Website For Your Dental Practice

Websites are one of the most crucial parts of marketing for any small business, including dental practices. In fact, 97% of patients prefer to go to a dentist's website rather than calling the office.

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Websites are one of the most crucial parts of marketing for any small business, including dental practices. In fact, 97% of patients prefer to go to a dentist's website rather than calling the office. And more than 75% of internet users look online for their healthcare information. In a word, your website is paramount.

Still not convinced?
Follow Wonderist Agency as we take a deep dive into why your website matters.

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A Strong Website Leaves a Lasting Impression

If done well, your branding and website will give new patients an idea of who you are before they make an appointment. Your office aesthetics and practice culture are major selling points for most patients and the more you can show it off, the better. For potential new patients, your website will help them feel connected and more confident in their choice of dentist. Without a website, you’re missing the opportunity to interact with your ideal community, and in turn, missing out on your best patients.

With your website’s ever-growing influence in attracting new patients, it’s crucial that the quality of the site matches your own practice standards. The internet is the new phone book, and it freely advertises your small business while also giving you full freedom of expression. Investing in smart branding and creating a flawless dental website design will help ensure a cohesive look and feel throughout all your marketing tactics, positioning you as a trustworthy authority in your field.

Tip: Partner Your New Dental Website With A Marketing Campaign

What’s interesting about digital marketing is how everything works together to propel your practice forward. Online marketing tactics, like PPC, SEO, and Social Media, point users directly to

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your website in either paid or organic searches. They can be highly effective at converting patients and work within set budgets. At the center of all these tactics is your website. And if you’re going to send people somewhere, shouldn’t it be to a clean, beautiful and easy-to-use site?

Put Your Great Reputation on Display With Your Dental Website

Along with the ability to make a great first impression, your website will make your reputation easily accessible to anyone who visits. You can proudly display reviews and testimonials that you’ve acquired throughout your career. These reviews are a helpful resource for new patients that are looking for honest recommendations.

Savvy dentists will take every opportunity to turn a good visit into a good review. Asking a patient as you’re wrapping up their appointment keeps the request fresh in their mind. And making it easy for them to review your practice is essential. Send a follow-up email with a clear link to review their experience. You can also use your website to encourage patients to write reviews. By keeping your social and review links accessible, you can give people an avenue to jot down a few kind words.

Your Website Works When You Can't

You can’t be available at all hours of the day and night, but your website can. For all the frequently asked questions or treatment explanations, your website can do the heavy lifting.

For those of you starting off small, a website can ease the burden of the front desk and scheduler. Certain features can book appointments and take messages, so your team can focus on in-office needs instead. This allows staff to provide better customer service, adding more efficiency to every interaction.

4 Ways to Make Your Website Work Harder

Whoever you decide to build your website with, Wonderist has a few tips for you to keep in mind.

  • A smart, tidy contact page goes a long way. Make sure your phone number is readily available throughout the site. The easier it is for patients to reach you, the less likely they are to go with your competition.
  • Sticky headers keep visitors on the site for longer. The more time that patients spend on your website, the more likely they are to call or email. Sticky headers keep all the most important links of your site at the top of the page, so potential patients can easily navigate your site and stay engaged.
  • Not all marketing tactics are created equal. Especially if you consider your location. Some practices kill it with local dental marketing. Others see their biggest gains from investing in SEO strategies and PPC campaigns. An exceptional marketing team can give you a solid starting point, helping you figure out what works and optimize towards it.
  • Focus on what differentiates you. Plenty of agencies use canned content and stock photos to quickly, and cheaply, turn out run-of-the-mill websites for their clients. Don’t be fooled by a low price tag. Investing in a website with original content is vital to SEO, User Experience, and your Brand.

Interested in Learning More About How a Website Helps Drive Business?

As one of the leading dental web design companies, we specialize in building more than just beautiful websites. We build great experiences. If you need a website, our dental marketing agency can help. And if you need to improve your current site, claim our offer for a free dental website audit to learn what we can do for you!