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As global concern about the current COVID-19 outbreak grows, we know there is no higher priority for your practice than the health and safety of your patients. That’s why we encourage you to inform your patients and community members how your office is monitoring the current situation while providing proactive measures patients can take to keep themselves healthy and safe.

A simple video for social media

The best way to communicate this message online is through a quick, simple video. Why video? Patients will gravitate toward a healthcare leader in the community who’s reassurance and proactive preparation can make them feel safe and secure during this time. For the clearest message possible, try to keep your video under two minutes, and look for a space in your office that’s away from a window.

Here are some quick talking points to include:

  • Introduce yourself and address your office’s current plan. Kick off the video with a positive, clear message and action plan. For example, "Hi everyone! This is Dr. _____, and I wanted to give you some information about what our office is doing to keep you healthy and safe in light of the COVID-19 virus. Our patients’ health is and always has been our number one priority. That’s why our team is monitoring the situation closely, and currently our decision is to _____.”
  • Highlight that your team takes every possible precaution to keep your dental office as safe and sterile as possible. Feel free to dive into the various ways your team executes cleanliness and disinfection of your entire office and dental instruments. For example, “Dental offices are uniquely positioned as safe spaces during heightened periods of illness. We already have policies, practices, and standards in place that ensure our office is a clean and healthy environment for patients. All dental rooms are wiped down fully on all surfaces between every single patient with disinfecting wipes, which kills all viruses. In addition, we apply plastic barriers in appropriate areas and sterilize all instruments in an autoclave. Anything that is not disinfected in the autoclave gets thrown away. Our entire office is cleaned daily and the waiting area is wiped down with disinfectant wipes throughout the day. Everything is constantly being disinfected and sterilized, and our team is happy and ready to continue providing you with world class care!”
  • Encourage patients to wash their hands and focus on overall hygiene. Remind patients to spend a little extra time washing their hands and encourage them to keep practicing basic oral and overall hygiene habits. For example, “Now is a time to be especially mindful of our hand washing. Wash your hands before and after you eat. Do not lick your fingers, remove gum from your mouth with your bare hands, or share drinks. When washing your hands, scrub them for at least 20 seconds.”
  • Note that dental health is closely tied to your whole health, and isn’t something patients should put off. This is also the time to close your video with a reminder for patients to keep up with their oral health and give your office a call if they have any questions. For example, “Dental health is part of your whole body health! With diseases like Coronavirus, we are seeing a heightened risk for people with preexisting health conditions. Gum disease and poor oral health can result in a poor immune system. We are dedicated to taking care of your whole heath and start by treating you and your smile with top notch care from the moment you step into our office. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about our procedures regarding Coronavirus, if you’re looking to schedule an appointment, or if you just want to talk about teeth.”

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