My Experience As A Wonderist Intern: What High School Doesn't Teach You About Working in an Office

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My Intern Experience at Wonderist Agency - Michelle Kairy

For the month of January, Wonderist Agency kindly gave me the opportunity to intern in the graphic design and social media department. As a high school student, I rarely get exposed to potential careers in areas I’m interested in, so being able to trial-run life as a graphic designer was an extremely eye-opening experience. Its environment, collaborative style, and trust in their new intern was completely new for me!

In school, office jobs are usually presented as boring and impersonal workplaces with fluorescent lights, cubicles, and mind-numbing work. Wonderist is a harsh contrast to that perception. It’s young, friendly, open, and full of new ideas. I’ve been lucky to be able to see such an amazing environment work flawlessly together, which has inspired me to look for such a place in my future career.

While I was nervous to jump into a professional environment, the Wonderist team welcomed me with opened arms and got me started on a project of my own. I was able to create fun designs for photo-props and posters that could be used in a dental office. Within the first week, I put together a project proposal and started on designs once they were approved.  After several rounds of editing, I presented my final designs with the entire team, and with their critique and edits, I was able to perfect my work and put it into action! I began pricing out the cost of the box and found a personal die-cutter which was perfect for the photo props and cards. I was able to have so much control in this project from the design style to the print companies we would use and that responsibility has been a great learning experience for me.

This internship has opened my eyes to new career possibilities and has given me the experience I need to go far in the design world. I’m so excited to see my designs come to life and am beyond thankful I had the opportunity to work with the Wonderist team.

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