Wonderist Agency Acquires Merger Labs

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San Diego, CA -- Monday, January 29, 2018 -- Eighteen months ago, San Diego-based Merger Labs was born out of CAPTARGET, a leader in private equity deal origination, owned and operated by Gabe Galvez.

Galvez, a major player in private equity and investment banking, saw the need for marketing services geared toward these sectors. Merger Labs, a full service digital marketing agency for middle market private equity and M&A professionals, is the first of its kind.

The new firm’s success caught the attention of Wonderist Agency. Wonderist Agency is a full-service dental marketing agency specializing in growing dental practices with Wordpress websites, SEO, PPC, social media, and local marketing strategy. Co-founders, Laura Maly and Michael Anderson, struck a deal with Galvez that led to the acquisition of Merger Labs, effective January 1, 2018.

Entering A New Vertical

The acquisition opens the door into a new vertical, allowing the co-founders to accelerate growth and lay the foundation for additional vertical expansions. Wonderist Agency will continue to function firmly in the dental and health space while Merger Labs will continue to function in finance, with a focus on middle market private equity and M&A professionals.

Galvez, CEO of CAPTARGET – an M&A research firm – will remain on the Merger Labs team as CMO, and continue to focus on business development and provide invaluable financial industry expertise.

“Working with Gabe creates a perfect blend of marketing expertise and financial industry knowledge – an ideal partnership – and our clients are going to see the benefits of that,” says Michael Anderson of the acquisition.

Merger Labs expects to double in size over the next year to accommodate the new vertical, adding 5-10 additional positions in 2018 alone. Merger Labs will join Wonderist Agency in their newly renovated office, located in San Diego’s Point Loma neighborhood. The joint office space, with its open concept design, is built for collaboration and creativity.

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