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Expanding its roster in 2016, Wonderist Agency is riding a fast-growing wave of success. Founded in 2011, the national dental marketing company has just added seven new dental offices to its ever-expanding portfolio, which now includes more than 40+ dental practice partners across 19 states. The newly-acquired practices are located in Texas, California and Wisconsin.

Our History

Wonderist Agency has grown quickly since the company was founded in Germantown, WI in 2011. Former advertising exec turned business owner Laura Maly and technology startup entrepreneur and co-founder Michael Anderson are excited about the continued growth of Wonderist Agency. With their new office in San Diego, California, they continue to grow the patient bases of private practice dentists around the nation. “We put dentists in control of their practice by giving them a seamless look at where their marketing dollars go and what they’re doing.”, says Co-founder Laura Maly. “Through our dashboard, dental practices have access to detailed, monthly reports that include exactly how many leads were generated by Wonderist, along with phone tracking, which provides incredible transparency.”

Our Strategy

Wonderist Agency’s “butts in seats” approach is built around their focus on digital marketing for dentists and is rooted in excellent customer services, unique custom designs, and an emphasis on tracking ROI. Wonderist Agency offers marketing services to private practice dentists ranging from designing websites and managing search engine optimization, pay-per-click and social media advertising campaigns to designing mailers and event print advertising pieces, radio and TV placement. Wonderist Agency also offers their clients a reporting portal that delivers real-time reports that cover all aspects of the lead generation efforts employed for a particular dental practice, allowing dentists to track and review results exactly as they happen. When traditional marketing efforts are not enough, dentists turn to Wonderist Agency to seek assistance in creating simple, yet profitable lead generation strategies for their dental practices.

In the midst of building stand out websites and helping dentists attract new patients both online and offline, Wonderist Agency looks to the future as an important opportunity for itself and its clients to grow. To discover for yourself what makes this innovative team a success, visit their website or get a sneak peak behind the scenes on their Facebook page.

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