Wonderist Olympics: Russian Medal-ing Edition

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"I Like Fighting, But I Hate Hurting People" - Tonya Harding

As some of you may have noticed through the silliness that is our social media game, we recently held our own office Olympics. Wonder Athletes from different corners of office shed blood sweat and tears for the highest honor to compete in the name of the flag of their choosing (even as most of us apparently couldn't identify said flag). The outcome? Pretty much what you would expect.

Some of us dressed to impress in the form of Borat (Kazakhstan), some of us just showed up blonde in the form of Sweden (looking at you April). Some of us took ping pong a little serious while cheating in the egg face race (Athlete from Australia), some of us sulked in the corner for not winning a single medal all day (me). Some of us had the rest of us go easy on them cause they are the boss, and some of us whooped the in-office frat king at tiny water flip cup.

While my list of "somes" could go all day and are probably giving Mary an aneurysm,  it's safe to say we all had a great time. We all at Wonderist Agency take pride in working hard for our clients all year and we all need a day to have a little fun. While we all competed against one another for plastic medals and bragging rights, we all became a closer knit team which is what the Olympics are all about.

All of us except for Russia that is. As the loser but clear winner of best dressed, I call foul play and demand a thorough investigation into any collusion that made have occurred with the athletes of Russia. I mean, is it just a coincidence she won the most medals? Is she not in charge of like 500 social media accounts? Does she even go here? Am I just being bitter?

The answer is yes to all.

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