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As our nation is coming together to face the unique challenges of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Wonderbuds have been hard at work developing a resource guide to assist you and your team. In it, we cover email responses, how to talk with patients on the phone, strategies to step forward as a leader in your local community, video scripts for social posts and a free solution for you to provide virtual consults to your team.

First a quick update on Wonderist: we have implemented a remote work policy, which means all our employees are working in the safety of their homes. We are very lucky to have systems and tools already in place that have made this transition seamless, and you should expect minimal impact on our normal daily production. We are prioritizing our response to COVID-19 in all marketing campaigns. This means other requests or projects may be slightly delayed.

In difficult moments, there is a unique opportunity for us to step forward as leaders in our communities. It may be tempting to hunker down and feel bad for ourselves, but that does not describe the many wonderful clients that we work with every day. Instead, we would like to outline for you a plan that will help you support your community of patients and the broader community you live in.

Office Closures

If your office is facing interruptions to your normal hours, consider placing notifications on websites (like this one) to help notify patients when offices close or shift to emergencies only.

Below, we will outline a comprehensive COVID-19 action guide to aid you in your communication to your team, your patients, and the community. 

Virtual Consults

We have seen overwhelming interest from dentists in learning more about how they can use virtual consult solutions to help offices during a period of closure and social distancing. Virtual consults can be used to communicate with patients that are quarantined and help teams communicate with patients in a safe way to understand what cases are elective vs. non-elective. It also provides a unique opportunity for you to be recognized as a progressive leader in your local community with a tool that few other offices will have.

As part of our team's response to COVID-19 outbreak, we are making the Your Virtual Consult platform available to all dentists at no cost for 2 months! If you are already subscribed to this service, we will waive the fee for 2 months.

You can use Your Virtual Consult to quickly set up a simple landing page where patients can go to fill out a form and submit photos for pre-screening. You can link to this landing page in your emails to patients and through social media posts. The virtual consult platform will let you respond to patients with a simple treatment plan, before and after photos, a recorded video consult (it's not live), and next steps. The platform will bundle all this information into a custom virtual consult for patients. Finally, the platform also manages all the automated email follow-up.

To sign up, use the link and the code below:

Get Started:


Email Communication With Patients

In the event that you experience an interruption in office hours, clear communication with patients is essential. Make sure you:

  • Contact patients affected immediately to reschedule.
  • Make sure there is a post on Social Media to highlight the change in office hours (our team is standing by to help).
  • Send us the days/hours you will be closed so we can update them on Google My Business and your website.

Some offices have seen an increase in patient cancellations when they reach out via email. We advocate leading from the front and being proactive. We have prepared an email for offices that are closing and an email for offices who plan to remain open.

Social Media Communication

We recommend using social media to position yourself and your team as a trusted resource in your community during this time of uncertainty. Video is a powerful tool to teach; watching you speak to patients will be more powerful than any email. In a moment of uncertainty, we all look to the people who we depend on and trust to help guide us. We would like to ask you to record a 2-minute message for your patients and community addressing the state of your practice, walking through the cleaning/sterilization procedures you use, discussing best practices to avoid illness, and highlighting the importance of oral health in whole body health. You can find video talking points below.

Video Talking Points

Feel free to use our complimentary social media posts to show what hygiene and sanitization protocols your office is implementing during this time.

Step forward in your local community as a resource. We are recommending that all of our dentists reach out to local TV, radio, and news stations to make themselves available as a voice for the dental community. We have assembled some topics that you can highlight:

  • Impact of dental office closures and what it means for patients with emergency cases
  • Dental office hygiene best practices and standards of operation
  • Widespread pandemics affect those with chronic illnesses the most. That’s why good oral hygiene is so important to promoting whole body health. This is a moment to take the importance of good hygiene seriously and plan for the future.

Here are steps you can take to reach out to local new outlets. You can also Help A Reporter by volunteering as a credible source. 

Front Desk Talking Points

Dental offices maintain exceptional hygiene standards. We asked one of dentistry's top dental consultants, Sandy Pardue, to help us craft some brief patient-facing talking points. This guide helps your team effectively communicate with anxious patients about the health and safety standards your practice is already implementing. 

Front Desk Talking Points

By The Numbers

One of our favorite partners Dental Intel has dug through its data on thousands of practices to share some national trends. Their COVID-19 Monitoring Dashboard can help you track the spread of the COVID-19 virus in the United States and its impact on the dental industry. 

As your marketing agency, we want to proactively equip you with the tools and resources you’ll need to put your voice out there. That’s why we’re providing a collection of resources to help you create and formalize your message, and clearly communicate it to your patients.

HR Resource & FAQs

Wonderist Agency works with Fisher Phillips for employment law compliance. We have relied heavily on Fisher Phillips Comprehensive FAQ guide over the past week to help us answer questions like; Can we require our employees to get tested for COVID-19 before returning to work? If employees travel should they self quarantine? Etc. We hope this guide will be just as helpful for you as you navigate complicated questions. 

Fisher Phillips Comprehensive FAQs For Employers On The COVID-19 Coronavirus

You Can Count On Wonderist

While there is no guide book for what we are all going through, we hope some of the resources and next steps we provide above will help you as you work with your teams to navigate this difficult moment. Rather than hunkering down in the event of an office closure, we want to encourage you to stand up and use this moment to proactively work on your marketing plan for the rest of the year. Use this time to work with our team on some of the small projects that always get put on the back burner, like sending us before and after photos, recording video FAQs about individual services, reaching out to patients and asking for testimonials, and even taking some long overdue photos of your office. Wonderist Agency is standing by to help assist you in anyway.

We are all in this together!

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