6 Reasons You Need a Dental Specific Marketing Agency to Grow Your Practice

A prospective dental client whom I had spoken with a year ago buzzed me last week. Last year, after a few good conversations with us, he opted to work with a local agency that was in his city. The first thing he said was, “I’m coming back with my tail tucked.” I’d like to think we win all the business we pitch here at Wonderist Agency, but we don’t. And that’s okay. But, the ones that feel like a dagger to the heart are the prospective clients who tell us that they are going with a local agency that doesn’t specialize in dentistry.

The crew here at Wonderist Agency didn’t grow up with the dream of becoming dental marketers. But, we’ve all become experts in the industry. By focusing on dentistry, it’s allowed us to really understand our clients, their needs, and how to effectively market to dental consumers in different markets.

While the advantages of working with a dental marketing agency are innumerable, here are a few of the major advantages as I see them.

Dental Marketers Speak Your Language

All on Four? Scaling and root planing? The tenants of lab work versus a CEREC mill? Good dental marketers can espouse the advantages of both. Our bread and butter is YOUR bread and butter, and it’s our job to know exactly what you’re talking about. We know what services you offer, their advantages and disadvantages, how to position them, how to entice prospective patients and we of course know how to get them through a behavior funnel to get a phone call. Having the unique skill set of understanding digital and local marketing, but also focusing solely on the dental space allows us to drive deeper into what works, use data comparisons to make decisions and to leverage the successes of other practices into the successes of yours.

Talking to Wonderist Agency on the phone about your practice and livelihood will not leave you wondering if we actually know about dentistry. We do. In fact, we are so in sync with many of our clients that we spot problems happening in offices before the doctors do.

Our Personalized Approach

I think prospective doctors looking to market want to seek out local agencies is because they want connection and some “tangibility” knowing they can drive down the street and give a handshake or wag a finger or, they’ve been burned by previous dental marketing agencies and they are seeking accountability. That’s totally understandable.

At Wonderist Agency, we value service over everything- our mission is to deliver the best dental marketing, with a smile. We may not be in your hometown, but we’re in the service business and we know what that means. Making sure we pick up the phone, responding to emails in a timely manner, and ensuring that we have opportunities to discuss performance- whether that’s over video chat or the phone. Our team CARES deeply- and you know you can’t teach someone to care. That means we are personable, we are congenial and most important we communicate well and are results driven.

We Know How to Work With Dentists

As you know, dentists are detail oriented, and we love that about our clients. I might even venture to say some dentists border on persnickety. Having worked with dentists exclusively, I can tell you we’ve seen and heard almost everything before. We can work with all personalities and we sculpted our internal processes to account for the preferences and personalities of our dentists.

Our Tools Are Built For Dental Marketing

Agencies who dabble in multiple business verticals often have to function on limited resources for a dedicated client and diagnostic programs that would suit their other  businesses. Because our agency only services dental and orthodontic practices, we have created a streamlined set of tools and back-pocket tricks and shortcuts that are meant to serve our clients. Our resources aren’t shared between other non-verticaled clients and we find efficiencies we can scale and roll out through all of our accounts.

We Know Dentistry

Local agencies can nod their heads to you and send your dental services down the same path as they may send retail products or online services. The reality is reaching prospective patients for a dental practice is not as straightforward as it might sound. The fact is dentistry is not as consumable as clothes, new restaurants, vacations, TVs...you get the idea. Local agencies often struggle to adapt to a stingier market and resort to discounts rather than value-building in campaigns.

We Have Dental-Specific Processes

Our dental roots have made us very efficient in working with dentists. Our internal processes, suggestions, and efficiencies have been built out of working on the same types of businesses over the course of time. From out approval process to our reporting, we do what works for our dentists and what is in their best interest.

Whether or not you call Wonderist Agency when you’re evaluating your marketing options is up to you, but I would strongly encourage you to stick with a dental or health care specific marketing agency that prioritizes the personal service of a local agency as you zero in on who the right partner for your business is.

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