How Wonderist Can Help Market and Bring New Patients to Your Brand New Dental Practice

Starting your own private dental practice is a demanding process filled with questions and decisions, and it can require a hustle like no other. At Wonderist Agency, we understand the intricacies of starting a business because we have gone through the process ourselves.

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35 Medical Marketing Ideas You Need to Know

The great boss lady Maly was featured on Fit Small Businesses list of the 35 Best Medical Marketing ideas! “Capture your team, office, and the “Creature Comforts” you offer patients instead of Stock Photography.” Wonderist Agency prides itself on being an educational resource and helping hand to any and all small business who need it.

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15 Things Every Dental Office Needs to Provide a Next-Level Patient Experience

A fantastic patient experience isn't just an important aspect of your practice, it's a pass/fail test for patients looking for a new dentist.

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6 Reasons You Need a Dental Specific Marketing Agency to Grow Your Practice

The crew here at Wonderist Agency didn’t grow up with the dream of becoming dental marketers. But, we’ve all become experts in the industry. By focusing on dentistry, it’s allowed us to really understand our clients, their needs, and how to effectively market to dental consumers in different markets.

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5 Dental Products We Love

As a full-service marketing agency, we’re often asked about the best services for dental practices. Whether a client is opening a brand new practice or acquiring one that already has roots, dentists often look to us for suggestions about everything from online scheduling to training front office staff.

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Dental Podcast: The State of Dental Marketing

Founders, Michael and Laura had the honor of being interviewed by Johnathan VanHorn of DentistMetrics, a dental CPA firm. We discussed the state of Dental Marketing and you can watch the interview here:

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5 Things Your Dental Practice Website Needs To Generate New Patients

Marketing The Right Way Apart from a referral, which is the best compliment one can have, look at the number one platform that shapes the core of all your marketing – your practice’s website. Besides your practice’s phone, your website is one of your best portals for patients to connect with you.

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Live Chat: How to Grab More Leads For Your Dental Practice

We live in a digital world where speed is key. From ordering online to overnight shipping, instant access to services is where society currently lives. Customers want things now. And let’s be honest, they usually get them. The healthcare industry is no exception.

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The Top 3 Reasons Why You Need A Strong For Your Dental Practice

Websites are one of the most crucial parts of marketing for any small business, including dental practices. In fact, 97% of patients prefer to go to a dentist's website rather than calling the office.

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Dental Podcast: Is Your Marketing Strategy Out-Of-Date?

Laura and Michael sit down with the guru of dental podcasting, Howard Farran, to talk about bringing your dental marketing strategy up-to-date.

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Why Your New Dental Website Isn't Showing Up On Google

When we launch a new site, we often hear questions about SEO and the ranking process. More specifically, clients want to know when they can expect to see their site showing up in Google searches. The most important thing to remember when launching a new site is to be patient.

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How to Craft Dental Content That Will Bring in More Clicks and Patients

How many times a day do you ask Google or Siri to solve your life’s problems? You might be searching a whole range of questions, from what time your favorite Netflix show comes back on to what new dental technology exists–there are 1000s of answers out there, but certain ones seem to bubble up to the top.

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Facebook 3D: A New Way To Create A Dental Snapshot

Facebook Rolls Out New 3D Photo Option! Facebook has launched a brand new feature to roll out 3D photos. It’s adding depth, movement and eye-catching material for your news feed!

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Facebook Launches New Reactions

For some time, Facebook users have been asking for more robust ways to interact with their friend’s posts. Facebook finally rolled out the long-awaited feature this month.

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How to Respond to a Negative Dental Review

Every now and then one of our clients gets a negative review online. It’s obviously not a fun experience to get negative feedback, but of course, it needs to get addressed. Through collaboration with the doctor, we often respond to these negative reviews for our clients.

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How Your Dental Practice Should Use Facebook Bluetooth Beacon

Facebook Bluetooth® beacons help people see more information about your business whenever they use Facebook during their visit. When people visit your business and open Facebook, they’ll see Place Tips with information about your business.

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How Facebook's Update Will Affect Your Dental CPC

As of right now, CPC counts any click that takes place within an ad: whether the viewer is clicking on the link to the website, or simply liking the post. Now, to make CPC more effective at meeting specific objectives for your business, Facebook is changing the definition a bit.

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How Facebook's New Feature Will Increase Your Practice's Credibility

If you’ve been clicking around on Facebook lately, you may have noticed a bright green “very responsive to messages” icon below business profile pictures. If you want to know how to add this little medal to your dental practice’s Facebook page, here’s what you need to do

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